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Next Step Resourcing offers to coach people who are wanting more growth and results in their life. The service that we offer is to enter into a relationship with a person that will take them on a journey to a new place where they have not yet been. Next Step Resourcing is owned and operated by Dr. Mark Millman.

Mark is a dynamic and engaging professional who cares deeply about helping others move forward in life.  With a strong background in developing church leadership over the past 30 years, he has the life experience behind him to help pinpoint the dynamics that may be holding your team or organization back from reaching its full potential.  Mark also has some of the highest levels of training and certification as a master organizational coach.  Mark is an “Associate Certified Coach” with the International Coaching Federation.  This required him to complete 64 hours of coaching specific training and hundreds of hours of documented supervised coaching time.  Mark is also certified through CoachNet Global, which is an organization that is also certified by the International Coaching Federation.

With all that said, you will find that Mark’s engaging personality, critical thinking skills, and sense of humor will go a long way to help you or your organization pinpoint your strengths and challenges and then help you chart a course for reaching your full potential.


S pecific

M easurable

A ttainable

R elevant

T ime-Sensitive

What would you rather have someone do to you? Tell you to do something or have them ask you? Most people I know would rather have someone ask them what needs to be done. At the heart of coaching is asking powerful questions.

Coaching is different than mentoring or advising because coaching is helping find the right answers by directing the coached to resources that will be the right fit. Coaching customizes your own needs rather than have you sift through mounds of experiences from other people. If you have not yet engaged in a coaching relationship I would encourage you to get in contact with us today to discover how you can get started.

  • Coaching asks powerful questions that move you forward to help accomplish your goals.
  • Coaching helps you prioritize your time so meeting your goals becomes a reality.
  • Coaching will give you a person in your life who will ask questions rather than tell you what to do
  • Coaching helps you develop SMART goals that can transform your personal and professional life


Mark has been an excellent help for me and On the Spot Auto. I have been going to Mark for a little over a year and he has a unique ability to listen and ask the right questions to help me find new cost-effective marketing techniques/strategies that have resulted in increased productivity, customer base, and most importantly net income at the shop. I highly recommend Mark Millman as a great marketing consultant, coach, and good guy in general.
Kyle Knier

On The Spot Auto

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